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COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY IS ONE OF OUR MANY ADVANCED FACIALS AVAILABLE ON OUR SKIN BOOTCAMP SKIN TRAINING PROGRAM!!!It is perfect for all skin types and has been labeled the celebrity facial!It treats a variety of skin imperfections from:-acne scaring-fine lines and wrinkles-orange peel skin texture-hyperpigmentation-refines pore size-reduces sun damage -kickstarts your bodies response to heal and produce more collagen and elastin Skin Bootcamp is a skin training program over the course of 6 months. Every month you have an advanced facial which has been  prescribed by one of our skin therapists. For only $45 per week (direct debit on the same...

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Forehead- Bladder & Intestines:The upper part of the forehead reflects the bladder and the intestines and digestion. issues in this area could relate to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and urinary tract infections.Ears & Temples - KidneysDehydration, poor lymphatic circulation. When kidneys are involved, it indicates a deeper level of ageing and stress. Nourish the kidneys with proper hydration.Between the Brows- Liver & StomachToo much boozing, fatty liver, diseases like hepatitis , jaundice, gallbladder problems and dehydration show up here. Acne in this area can be the result of eating late at night, especially fall foods. Flacking and dry skin are linked...

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