What is your skin trying to tell you???

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What is your skin trying to tell you???

Forehead- Bladder & Intestines:
The upper part of the forehead reflects the bladder and the intestines and digestion. issues in this area could relate to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and urinary tract infections.

Ears & Temples - Kidneys
Dehydration, poor lymphatic circulation. When kidneys are involved, it indicates a deeper level of ageing and stress. Nourish the kidneys with proper hydration.

Between the Brows- Liver & Stomach
Too much boozing, fatty liver, diseases like hepatitis , jaundice, gallbladder problems and dehydration show up here. Acne in this area can be the result of eating late at night, especially fall foods. Flacking and dry skin are linked to hydration and overworked kidneys. the liver is working too hard to remove toxins form consumption and pollution.

Nose - Cardiovascular system
Acne and oiliness can be connected to circulation, blood pressure and cholesterol. Skin conditions like rosacea ten to show up in this zone. Indoor and outdoor air pollution, bad circulation and high blood pressure can all play havoc with this area.

Cheeks - Respiratory system
Relate to issues with sinuses and allergies, pollution, smoking and asthma will damages this part of the skin. Get plenty of exercise and stay away from pollution and stop smoking.

Mouth and lip area - endocrine system
Breakouts are associated with hormonal imbalances and issues. Menstrual problems or increases stress levels will trigger the release of cortisol.

Jawline & Chin - Stomach, Kidneys, Reproductive Organs
Pimples win the middle of the chin are associated with the digestive system. Eating too much fat and sweet foods can cause problems in this area as well as excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption. try to maintain a balanced diet and eat plenty of fruits and fibre to improve your stomach health.